BestBox Culture

Fun. Fresh. Functional.

Fresh. Fun. Freeing. Flexible. Functional. Friendly. These six brand attributes of BestBox Storage are at the core of our culture. By placing an emphasis on the three principles below, we’ve created an environment of innovation and future-focused thinking. This mindset, along with our hospitality approach to customer service, gives our team an added sense of familiarity with our clients and each other.

We Give Our Best

We love our customers. We take pride in creating memorable connections, offer solutions in a time of need, & have a bit of fun along the way. In every interaction, we give our customers our best. Our customer service standard guides us to not only follow our values & achieve our goals, but gives our customers the experience they deserve — delivered the BestBox way.

We Take Genuine Care

Our values “INVEST” are the building blocks of BestBox: INTEGRITY | NIMBLENESS | VISION | EMPOERMENT | STEWARDSHIP | TEAMWORK. They tell us how to achieve our goals, how to treat our customer, & how to treat each other. These values support our mission & help nurture the BestBox culture.

We Innovate

Great ideas need to be shared...and we listen! Although we love boxes (because they are the best!), circles have a purpose too. Powered by Keeley Properties, our “CIRCLE” program is an idea sharing tool & innovation pipeline to foster creativity & growth among team members: CONSTRUCTION | IMPROVEMENT | RESPONSIVENESS | COLLABORATION | LEARNING | EXPANSION.

We are Hiring

At BestBox Storage, we believe that an appreciated team that feels heard is the key to success. So as we grow, we will continue to empower our team members to grow as well. To be leaders, innovators, and freethinkers. If this sounds like the kind of team you want to be a part of, we want to hear from you.