Climate Controlled Storage

Protect Your Valuable Belongings with Climate-Controlled Storage 

In the realm of self-storage, understanding the needs of sensitive items is crucial. BestBox Storage rises to this challenge with our storage units, meticulously designed to maintain optimal conditions for your delicate artwork, important paperwork, and sensitive electronics. 

Our commitment to your peace of mind is reflected in our advanced temperature and humidity monitoring systems, ensuring the preservation and safety of your valuables.

Benefits of BestBox Storage 

Our storage solutions offer more than just a shield against weather extremes. They're a pledge to safeguard the longevity and integrity of your belongings, be they antiques, documents, or vehicles.

  • Stable Temperature and Humidity Control: We maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level in our units, safeguarding your items from the damaging effects of extreme weather conditions. This is particularly beneficial for sensitive items like electronics, wood furniture, and musical instruments.
  • Defense Against Dampness and Mold: Our storage units are designed to remain dry and clean, effectively preventing the growth of mold and mildew. This feature is crucial for preserving items like documents, textiles, and any other materials susceptible to moisture damage.
  • Dust and Pest Control: We have enhanced sealing and cleanliness protocols to provide additional protection against dust and pests. This ensures that your items, especially those prone to damage from dust accumulation or pest infestation, remain in pristine condition.
  • High-Tech Security with 24/7 Surveillance: With state-of-the-art security systems, including round-the-clock surveillance, we offer added peace of mind. Your belongings are monitored constantly, ensuring their safety against theft or vandalism.
  • High-Touch Customer Service: Our dedicated team is always available to assist and guide you. Whether you need help selecting the right storage unit or have questions about our facilities, we're here to provide personalized support, ensuring a smooth and satisfying storage experience.

Choosing the Right Storage: Climate-Controlled vs. Standard Units

Selecting the appropriate storage unit is essential in ensuring the safety and preservation of your items. Understanding the differences between climate-controlled and non-climate-controlled units is crucial in making an informed decision.

  • Climate-Controlled Storage: Perfect for items sensitive to temperature or humidity changes. Expect a consistently controlled environment all year round, ideal for electronics, antiques, artwork, and more.
  • Non-Climate Controlled Storage: A basic, sheltered option for less sensitive items, but not recommended for valuables that require stable conditions.

Choosing between types of storage depends largely on the nature of the items you are storing and the duration of storage. For delicate, valuable, or sentimentally significant items, climate-controlled storage is the safer choice to ensure their longevity and preservation.

Ideal Items for Our Storage Units

  • Electronics and Appliances: Climate control prevents damage from humidity and extreme temperatures, which can affect electronic components.
  • Wooden and Leather Furniture: Maintains a stable environment to prevent warping, cracking, or mold growth on sensitive materials like wood and leather.
  • Photographs and Artwork: Protects against fading, yellowing, and deterioration caused by fluctuations in temperature and humidity.
  • Musical Instruments: Preserves the integrity of delicate materials and components, maintaining sound quality and preventing warping or cracking.
  • Collectibles and Memorabilia: Ideal for preserving the condition and preventing degradation of valuable and age-sensitive items.
  • Important Documents and Paper Records: Prevents yellowing, brittleness, and ink fading, ensuring the longevity and readability of documents.
  • Vehicles, including Classic Cars and Motorcycles: Guards against rust and mechanical degradation due to temperature extremes and humidity. 

Choose BestBox for Climate-Controlled Storage 

Our climate-controlled facilities are not just about storage; they are about providing a secure, clean, and controlled environment for your most valuable items. Trust BestBox Storage to keep your belongings in pristine condition. 

Contact us today to learn more and secure your climate-controlled unit. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you in preserving your valuables with the utmost care.